Tomato sandwiches draw a crowd at Lu Mil Vineyard

W. Curt Vincent -

DUBLIN — “There ain’t no better tomatoes than Ron Taylor’s farm-fresh tomatoes.”

That’s what Ron Taylor, owner of Lu Mil Vineyard, said on Saturday during the Greater Tomato Sandwich Day, and those who turned out to enjoy a free tomato sandwich, cup of cold water and entertainment on Lu Mil’s patio seemed to agree.

Earlier this year, Lu Mil hosted its first tomato sandwich day, but those tomatoes came strictly from the greenhouse at Lu Mil. On Saturday, the tomatoes came from Lu Mil’s fields. And the crowd that came out seemed to like the field tomatoes even better.

“We came to the first one and it was fun,” Maryellen Robeson of Bay Tree Lakes said. “But the tomatoes are even better this time.”

Robeson and her husband Mick also enjoyed the setting and the entertainment.

“This is something nice to do,” Mick said. “It’s relaxing to sit outside, look over the pond and grapevines, enjoy a tomato sandwich and listen to music.”

The music was supplied by Oak Run, a Bladen County band.

Taylor said he was inspired to hold a Tomato Sandwich Day because he was looking for something to help fill the gaps between grape picking, the holidays and the annual Grape Festival.

“This keeps the employees busy year-round, but it also helps promote the vineyard and bring people out to enjoy the area,” he said. “And those tomato sandwiches sure are good.”

Taylor said he thinks the tomatoes fit right in well with the grapes being grown at Lu Mil.

“Honestly, not everyone eats grapes or drinks wine,” Taylor said. “But everyone, or at least 99 percent, eats tomatoes.”

Taylor said he currently has two fields of tomatoes, but is expecting to add a third in the near future.

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W. Curt Vincent

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