Volunteers an important part of BCH

ELIZABETHTOWN — Bladen County Hospital volunteers have been very busy lately, purchasing several items for the hospital that were needed for both staff and patients.

They presented $13,000 towards a telemetry system for Cardiac Rehab; remodeled the nursing desk for outpatient surgery; and purchased a patient refrigerator at a cost of $6,174.

Cardiac Rehab wanted to replace five window shades for their rehab room and the cost was $995. Dietary needed a cooler for their department and the volunteers purchased a new display case cooler for their salads, desserts, etc. at a cost of $3,708.33.

These are just a few things the volunteers have done.

In the past years they have purchased wheelchairs, furniture for the front lobby, dining room tables and chairs, desk chairs for the Med-Surg Department, televisoins and baby items for OB, televisions for Bladen Medical Associates and many other items throughout the hospital.

The volunteers were able to help with purchasing these things by having the gift shop in the hospital. The volunteers work at least one three-hour shift each week and some of them working two or three shifts weekly. They recently started selling ladies clothing, which has helped with sales. Staff is able to do payroll deductions now and that has also increased sales.

The volunteers also have several fundraisers a year such as “First Uniform,” “Sterling Purses and More,” “Masquerade” and “Books are Fun.” They also raise money at Thanksgiving by selling chances on a Thanksgiving Basket.

Our volunteer organization consists of: Sharon Meismer, director; Jackie Goodnight, president; Shirley Hough, vice president; Joan Marion, past president; Ruby Johnson, treasurer; and Kristie Lennon, secretary.

Members include: Lisa Allen, Dorothy Autry, Kathy Bordeaux, Judy Carroll, Betty Davis, Kaye Dennis, Garlyn Feight, Virginia Gause, Nancy Hardee, Gail Hutchinson, James Jacobs, Lessie Jacobs, Jane James, Elizabeth Packer, Erla Sue Peterson, Brenda Reeves, Ginnie Reinhold, Kathy Rhew, Jean Robbins, Doris Sanders, Mildred Simmons, Dennis Troy, Jean Williams, Elizabeth Wilson, and Debra Wright.

Bladen County Hospital’s leadership recently recognized their volunteers. Dr. Roxie Wells, site president, thanked the volunteers for their recent donations, while Diana Harris, CNO, and Allison Strickland spoke to the importance of the equipment received and what it means for patients.