Precautions taken at West Bladen after threats

Elizabethtown, NC – On Tuesday, January 24 West Bladen High School was notified of

comments made against the school on social media that could potentially be perceived as

threatening or dangerous. School administration immediately reported the comments made

against the school to the Sheriff’s office, which is investigating. Communicating threats by any

means to any person or group of persons, designed to cause harm to another person or persons,

is a Bladen County Schools Code of Conduct Level IV violation according to North Carolina

General Statute 115C-391 resulting in Long Term Suspension or Expulsion and is considered a

Felony punishable by law according to North Carolina General Statute 14-277.5.

As a precautionary measure, school administration and staff limited student campus activity and

unnecessary room-to-room transit for the day on Tuesday. Additional school resource officers

and Sheriff’s deputies were on campus for the day on Tuesday to assist with monitoring

activity. At no time were students or staff in any eminent danger. All school operations returned

to normal as of Wednesday, January 25.