Local man part of Greenville museum exhibit

GREENVILLE — A Clarkton native, Hilton Monroe Sr., is part of a new exhibit at the Greemville Museum of Art, which will be on display through Sunday.

Monroe’s portrait is part of the “Perceptions & Recognitions” exhibit, a body of work by internationally recognized photographer Buck Uzzle, who was commissioned by the Greenville museum. The exhibit includes 25 portraits of residents living in eastern North Carolina.

“Being recognized and chosen to be one of the individuals was an honor,” Monroe said. “I am so proud, my happiness is priceless.”

The Greenville Museum of Art opened in 2017 with a new exhibit by Uzzle. This particular exhibit opened Feb. 3 and was sponsored by Smithfield Foods, where Monroe is employed as a wastewater treatment specialist in the Tar Heel packing plant. Monroe has worked at the plant since it first opened in 1992.

“I believe I was chosen because I have a love for animals and I grew up all my life on a farm,” Monroe said. “I own a modern hog farm and have grown pigs for Smithfield for 24 years.

“I try to provide leadership as well as be a positive role model for youth in my community, and help steer them in a positive direction,” he added.

Monroe attended the opening of the exhibit with his family.

“With grace, courage and strength, these portraits of contemporary African-Americans in eastern North Carolina have done us the honor of creating transcendent legacies for all to see,” Uzzle said. “Manifesting their individual stories as guiding lights, they have offered the camera internal radiance to share with the world.”

Once the exhibit ends, many of the photographs will become a permanent part of the museum’s collection.

Monroe is married to Christina and they have two children.