Sunset Jams bring on the fire

By: Brendaly Vega - Bladen Journal intern

WHITE LAKE – Fire, soul and beach balls were the highlight of the second Sunset Jams concert of the season at Goldston’s Beach on Thursday, where an estimated 300 folks came to enjoy the evening.

The crowd seemed to enjoy the music of Soul on the Beach and there was plenty of dancing by children of all ages.

“I think it’d be pretty cool for this (the Sunset Jam Series) to be an annual thing. My family comes here every year,” said Lauren Tutherow, a visitor from Statesville.

Her daughter, Dakota Tutherow, 4, said she was having fun and enjoyed the music.

“I liked the ladybug rides,” Dakota Tutherow said.

Two young women, Julia Wood and Amber Kornegay, were visiting White Lake this year with their families and brought several props to the concert for performances known as flow arts — a movement-based discipline including dance, juggling, fire-spinning, and object manipulation. They had hula-hoops; one was lit up with led lights and the other with fire.

“I think the concert is so much fun. I like music like this,” Wood said. “I like being exposed to different types of music. It forces people to intermingle and socialize. I think it would be great if they did this every year.”

“The concert is nice and friendly; everyone is really nice. I love it down here (in White Lake), it’s a nice family park,” said Kornegay.

In another area of the parking lot, three young girls danced along to the cha-cha slide with their mothers alongside.

“I liked the concert,” said Annagrace Cox, 9.

“It was awesome,” said Jesse Cox, 7.

“I’m having a good time.” said Emily Jones, 5.

The concert was held up for about 45 minutes because of weather, but went on without a hitch after that.

“The weather caused a delay, and it took them (the Soul on the Beach band) time to set up. But, being an optimist, I think the weather at the start was a good thing. It cooled things down for the people who showed up tonight,” Maynard said.

The next Sunset Jams concert in White Lake will be Thursday, June 29, starting at 6 p.m. The band will be North Tower.

Brendaly Vega is a Bladen Journal summer intern from UNCP. She can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.

Brendaly Vega

Bladen Journal intern