Bladen County Schools making changes to school administrative teams

By: Chrysta Carroll - Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — The Bladen County Schools system is making several changes to its lineup of school administrators for the upcoming school year.

At the high school level, former East Bladen assistant principal Teresa Coleman, who also served as an athletics director at the high school, will be relocating to to Tar Heel Middle to serve as the principal there. She swapped places with former Tar Heel Middle School principal Jennifer Smith, who is now the assistant principal at the high school level.

In addition, Tar Heel Middle School and Clarkton School of Discovery will share an assistant principal positon, in which capacity John Collins will serve. Heather Thompson will round out the leadership team at East Bladen, where she has been named assistant principal.

Victoria Clark, also formerly an assistant principal at East Bladen, will now be East Arcadia’s interim principal.

Former Bladenboro Primary assistant principal Dia Collins-Thomas has been assigned to the principal position at Bladen Lakes Primary. The spot being vacated by her at Bladenboro Primary now belongs to Jason Folsom.

Vanessa Ruffin, former assistant principal at Elizabethtown Primary, is now serving the students at Plain View Primary as their principal. Renee Inman will be taking the reins from Ruffin as assistant principal at Elizabethtown Primary.

An assistant principal position at Bladenboro Middle School will be filled with Brendan McCarthy.

According to Bladen County Schools Assistant Superintendent Tanya Head, the administrators are ready to tackle the upcoming school year. From Monday, July 31, through Wednesday, Aug. 2, the leadership teams from all 13 schools participated in a Summer Institute for principals, a time for preparation and training for the new school year.

“We’ve really got a top-notch team this year,” Head commented. “They’re very excited about this year, and it promises to be a great one for our schools.”

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