Wells Fargo bank manager in Elizabethtown retires after nearly five decades

By: Chrysta Carroll - Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — A long-time business professional is banking on good days ahead.

After almost 50 years in the banking industry, Wells Fargo branch manager Judy Harrelson is retiring, effective Friday.

Harrelson began her career with the Bank of Elizabethtown on Dec. 28, 1970, when hired by Clyde Jordan and David Ayers. The Bank of Elizabethtown — located at 202 West Broad S. in Elizabthtown — eventually transitioned to Wachovia Bank, and later to Wells Fargo.

Harrelson has been with the bank through each of those transitions, and has seen trends come and go during her half century there.

“Change is inevitable, and one of the biggest changes to the industry is the innovation in technology that has helped everyone operate more efficiently and more effectively,” said Harrelson. “When I started in the bank in 1970, we did not have computers or cell phones. The only way we could communicate with each other was by phone or interoffice mail, which only came once a day. This was also before direct deposit or mobile or online banking, so customers came to the bank for all of their needs, but that was still a good thing back then.”

Those in-person visits, as well as the time spent with co-workers, became the basis for the strong relationships for which Harrelson is known.

“I have worked with such amazing business partners and coworkers over the years, and they are just one part of why I have always been proud to work for the bank,” Harrelson remarked. “I will truly miss my customers most of all, and the wonderful relationships I’ve made with them throughout the years.”

Harrelson’s last day of work was Friday, and after that?

“For a while, I’m just going to enjoy my free time and not having a schedule,” she laughed. “I know retirement is going to be great, and I’m so excited.”

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