By: Steven Woods - Special to the Journal

WHITE OAK — About 9 miles from Elizabethtown in downtown White Oak, there is a master craftsman at work. He doesn’t have a storefront, neon sign, or a billboard, but he is a craftsman. He has a small garage, where he turns pieces of exotic wood into works of art known as duck calls. His work is nothing short of amazing(unless you happen to be a duck).

His name is Kemp Barber, and he has magic in his fingers. He can take pieces of wood that most people wouldn’t even put in the fireplace, and turn it into something amazing. You see, his passion is music, and it carries over into his duck calls. Kemp is a luthier( builder of stringed instruments), and enjoys building and repairing guitars. Before he started on duck calls, he crafted accoustic guitars that resembled cigar box guitars(but sound so much better).

His musical prowness is not wasted on duck calls. He builds the entire call from scratch and tunes each one of them. When compared to mass-produced duck calls, Kemp’s calls have a clearly distinct rasp that other calls don’t have. So, stop by and visit with Kemp, and enjoy his duck calls.
Bladen craftsman creatingduck calls out of scrap wood

Steven Woods

Special to the Journal