State releases report cards for Bladen County schools

By: Chrysta Carroll - Bladen Journal

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction recently released report cards on the schools and districts across the Tar Heel State. Bladen County had 14 public schools in operation last academic year — 13 that are part of the Bladen County Schools district and one charter school.

The state is in its fourth year of using the A through F grading system, where overall grades are based 80 percent on the achievement score a school receives and 20 percent on its academic growth. The only exception to this is if a school meets expected growth but inclusion of the school’s growth reduces the school’s performance score and grade.

The following represent the Bladen County school, followed by the grade and score it received.

— Bookter T. Washington (D – 49)

— Bladenboro Middle School (C – 55)

— Bladenboro Primary (C – 64)

— Bladen Lakes Primary (C – 68)

— Clarkton School of Discovery (B – 71)

— Dublin Primary (C – 66)

— East Arcadia (D – 49)

— East Bladen High School (C – 62)

— Elizabethtown Middle School (D – 54)

— Elizabethtown Primary (C – 58)

— Plain View Primary (C – 66)

— Tar Heel Middle School (D – 54)

— West Bladen High School (C – 65)

— Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy (F – 31)


Expected growth

Growth is measured by a statistical model that compares each student’s predicted test score, based on past performance, against his or her actual result. An index, which can be positive to reflect growth or negative to reflect decline, is assigned to each school. Schools are divided into three categories: did not meet expected growth, met expected growth, or exceeded expected growth.

Booker T. Washington: -5.96, did not meet

— Bladenboro Middle School: 1.09, met

— Bladenboro Primary: 0.97, met

— Bladen Lakes Primary; 2.58, exceeded

— Clarkton School of Discovery: 3.06, exceeded

— Dublin Primary: 0.09, met

— East Arcadia: 1.42, met

— East Bladen: -2.15, did not meet

— Elizabethtown Middle: -2.02, did not meet

— Elizabethtown Primary: 2.46, exceeded

— Plain View Primary: 1.08, met

— Tar Heel Middle: -0.8, met

— West Bladen: 2.46, exceeded

— Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy: -2.87, did not meet


Subject scores

The state grades achievement in subject areas. The following represent the grades (elementary or middle) or achievement scores (high school) received in the county, where high school scores are based on a 100-point scale:

— Booker T. Washington: Reading D, math D

— Bladenboro Middle: Reading C, math D

— Bladenboro Primary: Reading C, math B

— Bladen Lakes Primary: Reading C, math B

— Clarkton School of Discovery: Reading B, math C

— Dublin Primary: Reading C, math B

— East Bladen: Math 1=55, English 2=43, Biology=42, ACT=37

— East Arcadia: Reading D, math D

— Elizabethtown Middle: Reading C, math D

— Elizabethtown Primary: Reading C, math C

— Plain View Primary: Reading C, math B

— Tar Heel Middle: Reading C, math F

— West Bladen: Math 1=41, English 2=52, biology=43, ACT=36

— Paul R. Brown: Reading F, math F

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