Bladen County Youth Focus Project looking for donations for roof repair

ELIZABETHTOWN — The folks of the Bladen County Youth Focus Project are asking for help from the community in their efforts to preserve the Paul R. Brown Building.

“We are trying to raise $50,000 so we can get the roof repaired,” said Bladen County Youth Focus Project President Minnie Price.

Price said the roof has been patched numerous times over the year but it has finally reached a point where the entire roof needs to be replaced. The Bladen County Youth Focus Project has been trying to preserve and restore the building for a number of years.

The Paul R. Brown Building is one of the few remaining Rosenwald Schools, said Price. She added the structure was built in 1928.

“There are not many of them left and that is why we want to preserve it. It’s a historical building and we want to keep it,” said Price of the building.

She said currently she conducts an after-school program for students in kindergarten through the sixth grade. The building can also be used for activities such as birthday parties, retirement dinners, church activities and so on.

Price said the members of the Bladen County youth Focus Project want to ensure the building does not further deteriorate. She said that the group does not want to see the wooden floors in the building damaged due to the leaking roof. Price siad the group has already replaced the outdated HVAC system with a new one. Now, the group is ready to focs on the roof repairs.

That is where the public can help by making a contribution towards the restoration work.

“We are asking them to make a donation to the Bladen County Youth Focus Project, Inc.,” said Price.

She said the group has a nonprofit 501(c)3 status. Price said all contributions are tax deductible.

Folks can bring their contributions to the Bladen Journal office located at 138 West Broad St., Elizabethtown; mail a donatoin to the Bladen Journal at P.O. Box 70, Elizabethtown, N.C. 28337; or mail them to Bladen County Youth Focus Project, Inc. at P.O. Box 2286, Elizabethtown, N.C. 29337.

Erin Smith can be reached at 910-862-4163.