Bladen County Schools modifies calendar to make up for snow days

By: Chrysta Carroll - Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — Bladen County students have run out of days for missing school.

Last week’s inclement weather, following closely on the heels of Christmas break, resulted in school cancellation on Thursday, Jan. 4, and Friday, Jan. 5, as well as early dismissals and delayed start times.

The two days missed will be made up on a teacher workday and with time built into the calendar, according to Bladen County Schools Superintendent Robert Taylor at Monday’s Board of Education meeting.

Jan. 25, originally scheduled as a teacher workday, will become a student day, in order to make up for Thursday, Jan. 4. The remaining day — Jan. 5 — will be compensated by time built into the calendar.

Since Jan. 25 is no longer a workday, the day will have to be made up by staff.

“Built in time for student days missed does not include any time that employees miss,” said Valerie Newton, public information officer. “Therefore, any day that employees don’t come to work must be made up.”

At the Board of Education meeting, the board approved Saturday, Jan. 27 as a workday for teachers. On Tuesday, the district announced June 14 is now a required teacher workday in place of Jan 25.

At the board meeting, Taylor stressed make up days must be utilized on days students are not in school. As an alternative, staff may choose to use alloted leave.

The revised schedule means no more free days for Bladen County students. A two-hour delay on Jan. 2, an early release on Jan. 3, and a two-hour delay on Sept. 11, when added together, mean the last remaing day for inclement weather built into the calendar has been exhausted.

“If we miss any time in the future, we’ll have to add days or add time to the day, whichever we opt to do,” Taylor informed the board.

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