Pittenger refuses pay during federal shutdown

WASHINGTON – Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) has officially requested that his paycheck be withheld during Senator Chuck Schumer’s government shutdown.

“America’s military, border patrol agents, air traffic controllers, and other essential personnel are hard at work today, but not getting paid thanks to Senator Schumer,” said Congressman Pittenger. “For Members of Congress to accept pay during the Schumer Shutdown would be dishonorable. Our military is doing their job. Senate Democrats should, too.”

On Saturday, Congressman Robert Pittenger became one of the first Members of Congress to co-sponsor legislation blocking Congressional pay during the government shutdown.

The Pay Our Protectors, Not Our Politicians Act:

· Ensures members of the military and national security employees within the Department of Homeland Security receive pay during a government shutdown.

· Prohibits Members of Congress from taking any pay during a lapse in appropriations.

In September, Congressman Pittenger joined House Republicans to pass all twelve annual appropriations bills, providing the necessary framework to responsibly fund the government. Senate Democrats blocked those bills, as well as last week’s short-term government funding.

“If Senate Democrats want a government shutdown, they better do it on their own time,” said Congressman Pittenger.

Congressman Pittenger’s offices in Washington, Charlotte, Monroe, and Fayetteville remain open on a regular schedule.