Rotary hears about Southeastern Carolina Crossroads

ELIZABETHTOWN — The Elizabethtown Rotary Club heard all about things Southeastern Carolina Crossroads is offering the community recently at its weekly meeting. Executive Director David Chestnut, accompanied by the Rev. Bruce Cannon, who is the Bladen Baptist Association’s missions director, explained the benefits of the ministry.

There is a need in Bladen and surrounding counties for a place that offers assistance to men who are dealing with addictions, and a place offering help for their families suffering because of their loved one’s choices.

Cannon said, “We began the mission back in 2005 because of all the phone calls we were receiving, because of all families who were dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. It’s been 10 years. We couldn’t be happier to be officially launching on July 1.”

Cannon introduced Chestnut as the executive director.

“Our motto is, ‘Help for today and hope for tomorrow,’ Chestnut said. “We are getting phone calls every day now.”

According to Chestnut the ministry targets men 18 years and older dealing with drug and alcohol addictions. The organization will offer a 24 bed facility with a 42 day residential program, followed with a 12 week non-residential program and services to assist family members hurting due to the addictions.

Chestnut said, “Statistics show a 62% success rate with faith base rehabilitation organizations verses 10% success rate with secular rehabilitation organizations.”

When addressing the success of faith based rehabilitation organizations Chestnut said, “It is because we believe in the Bible, verse 2 Corinthians 5:17.” He paraphrased the verse saying, “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun.”

Currently they have seven men in the program. An open house is being planned for late June or early July according to Chestnut. For information about Carolina Crossroads, contact the Rev. Bruce Cannon at Bladen Baptist Association at 910-862-3496.