Bladenboro Art Gallery to host exhibit

BLADENBORO — The Bladenboro Art Gallery will host an arts and crafts exhibit by Bernard Frink of Bladenboro through the end of May on Saturdays and Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. and weekdays by appointment.

The exhibit will include a variety of woodcarvings, drawings, and some paintings. Among Frink’s works is a mountain dulcimer.

The exhibit will be located in the old school building, now the Bladenboro Historical Society Building, at 818 S. Main St., Bladenboro. Call 910-863-1278 or visit us at and on Facebook.

The Art Gallery is looking for volunteers to help with the gallery and artists to exhibit. Volunteers should be interested in arts, crafts, and/or photography. You do not actually have to be an artist, craftsman, or photographer to volunteer to help us out with the gallery.