New segment kicks off Tuesday

By: Staff report

ELIZABETHTOWN — A new segment will be presented by the Bladen Journal starting online this weekend and published every Tuesday.

“By The Numbers” will be available in the print edition of the newspaper in the Lifestyles page, located near the back of the A section.

“‘By The Numbers’ will take a look at a wide variety of topics — from getting children interested in helping with meals to how graffiti can destroy communities to medical issues like the current opioid crisis,” said W. Curt Vincent, general manager and editor of the Bladen Journal. “Our hope is that each one will be of interest to those who follow the newspaper, but even if it’s just one segment that resonates with a reader, then it’s worthwhile.”

The new segment will have information supplied by a variety of national sources, each one an expert in the specific field.

Opening the ongoing series will be a segment titled “Reasons why overworking is overrated” — a topic many of those within the workforce, regardless of whether they are new hires, middle management or CEOs, can relate to.

“We are more connected to our jobs than ever before, thanks in large part to the Internet and cell phones,” Vincent said. “So this segment will point out why it rarely pays to work beyond what is required. It, along with the segments that follow, should open some eyes.”

If someone has a topic of interest that “By The Numbers” may be able to focus on down the road, send that request to

Staff report