Monitoring platform to be sunk in White Lake

WHITE LAKE — State officials with the North Carolina Division of Water resources were expected to being monitoring a variety of items in White Lake’s waters with the installation of a monitoring platform.

According to Brian L. Wrenn, the ecosystems branch chief with the DWR’s Water Sciences Section, the bright yellow platform will be the height “of a small john boat” and will be located in the middle of White Lake.

“The platform will monitor pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, specific conductivity, chlorophyll a, and phycocyanin (a form of chlorophyll produced by blue-green algae),” Wrenn explained. “(It) has reflective tape and a signal beacon mounted on it, and is identified as NCDWR property.”

He also added that the monitoring platform will remain anchored in the lake through September.

“We will be posting signs at the marina and residents’ boat ramps alerting them to the presence of the platform,” Wrenn said. He added that the town of White lake should post alerts to area residents about the platform through it’s one-call system for safety purposes.

Use of the monitoring platform was given approval through a special use permit from the State Parks System.

White Lake has been battling an algae and high pH level problem that has, to some degree, contributed to a fish kill around the lake over the past few months — perhaps longer. The lake received a liquid aluminum sulphate treatment in May aimed at addressing the water quality and clarity.