Thomas Academy recognizes achievement at awards banquet

LAKE WACCAMAW – More than 160 awards were presented in recognition of academic, athletic and social accomplishments during the 2018 Thomas Academy Awards Banquet held on May 17.

“There is not a better evening than when you can recognize the greatness of children and the greatness they are achieving,” said Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina President Gary Faircloth.

Thomas Academy Director Geraldine Bradshaw agreed.

“Our students have done wonderful things this year and this is the night to celebrate all that they have accomplished,” Bradshaw said. “We should give ourselves little rounds of applause every day for all the little things we do right that lead to these big achievements.”

The D.M. Campbell family of Elizabethtown has sponsored the annual awards event since the late 1970s. D.M.’s grandson, Brian D. Campbell, president and CEO of Campbell Oil Company, served as the guest speaker for the evening.

“Everyone has been through something,” Campbell said. “Like when you get a tattoo. It may be covered up so that not everyone can see it, but you never forget it.”

Campbell encouraged the students to find a mentor to “lean on and talk to.”

“In society today we are so quick to criticize and be critical,” he said. “We want to apply how we were raised to people who weren’t raised the way we were. We don’t understand why people don’t do certain things a certain way. We can be a product of our environment. You are a human being. If you don’t figure out a way to get positive stuff around you, it’s human nature, you are going to think negatively.”

Campbell shared the four P’s from a program he uses to help him remember the impact he has on others – purpose, passion, practice and prayer.

“We don’t understand the impact we have on others,” Campbell said. “The average American will come in contact with 10,000 people in their lifetime. When we remind ourselves about what our purpose is, we can have the positive impact we want to have.”

Thomas Academy is a North Carolina Public Charter School that educates middle and high school students. Located on the Lake Waccamaw campus of Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, the academy provides a tailored academic experience to students who are oftentimes in need of a more specialized, integrated curriculum.

Thomas Academy was founded on personalization in education, unique offerings and educating through purposeful design. Enrollment is open to any student in grades six through 12.