Board votes to fine poultry plant

By: W. Curt Vincent - Bladen Journal

BLADENBORO — A new poultry plant in Bladenboro is finding its operating cost being stretched because of a series of non-compliance fines from the town.

Carroll Poultry, which opened in late 2017 and is located at 414 Industrial Drive, was hit with its third fine by the Bladenboro Town Board — this one coming for daily flow violations, waste totals above the monthly average and failing to complete required work.

The fine approved by the town board on Monday was for $22,050.

Town Administrator John O’Daniel said the town has an avenue of discipline in place to deal with violations at the poultry plant.

“We can fine them up to $25,000 per day, if necessary,” he said. “We can also rescind their permit.”

Carroll Poultry was given a five-year permit to operate in June 2017 and opened its doors a short time after. The permit included a one-year “probationary” time-frame that required the company to submit sampling during that time.

“We need to see one year of compliance (from Carroll Poultry),” O’Daniel said. “So far, that hasn’t happened.

“We want to see them in compliance because the business is good for Bladenboro,” he added. “So we certainly want to see them successful.”

Because of the violations so far, the board agreed to extend the “probationary” period for sampling to June 30, 2019.

Carroll Poultry is owned by Hera Khan and Gulzar Khan. With more than 70 employees, the company has the capability to process about 35,000 chickens per day at the plant.

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