Coffeehouse makes move to heart of downtown

By: Chrysta Carroll - Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — A recent move is proving profitable for one Elizabethtown business.

“The first Monday after we moved, we did better than any Monday we ever had in our old location,” said Elizabeth Carter, owner of Dragonfly Coffee Shop. “Every day, it’s picking up a little more, and we think it will pick up even more with the Sidewalk Sale (coming up).”

The business opened last year on South Poplar Street in the downtown section of Elizabethtown, but relocated last week around the corner on West Broad Street. Still downtown, the location is “more suitable” for the upstart. The space, as well as the rent, was cut drastically, both of which are working in the barista’s favor.

“People are telling us it looks cozier, more ‘homey’,” she said. “It’s smaller, so we weren’t able to get everything in here, but people seem to like it.”

At least one person affiliated with the business agrees. Scott Walters, of SignLogic, Dragonfly’s former neighbor on South Poplar Street, said he thinks the move will be beneficial.

“I think they’ll do well here, with all the foot traffic,” he said, while installing Dragonfly’s new window decal Wednesday afternoon. “It looks nice inside, too — cozier.”

While the decor and location may have changed a little, what remains the same is the menu.

“A lot of people think we only serve coffee,” Carter remarked, “but we offer a lot more.”

In addition to hot beverages and iced coffee, the site serves milkshakes, smoothies and floats.

“Any kind of drink you want,” Carter said, pointing at a cooler containing soda, root beer, and other assorted canned energy drinks, “we can make into a float for you. We even have some ice cream.”

Customers can find all of Dragonfly’s offerings now at 109 W. Broad St., next to the Christian bookstore.

“It’s been phenomenal so far,” Carter said. “We’re so glad we had the opportunity to move here.”

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Chrysta Carroll

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