Braves over Giants at local church

By: Rachel Horrell - Bladen Journal

TAR HEEL — In true biblical fashion, the brave defeated the giant in Bladen County on Wednesday.

At Beth Car Presbyterian church in Tar Heel on Wednesday night, the Bethlehem Braves and the Jerusalem Giants went head-to-head in an intense and exciting game based on the board game, Bible Baseball Challenge.

The game was set up in the fashion of a regular baseball game, with three bases and home plate arranged in a diamond pattern in the church’s fellowship hall.

However, there was a twist. To play this baseball game, a series of trivia questions pertaining to the Bible that must be answered to move bases, in place of a bat and a baseball.

The trivia cards, used from the board game, Bible Baseball Challenge, include different levels of questions. Cards can be chosen from separate piles to move a single, double, triple and a home run. The questions that are asked to move only a single are the easiest questions and the level gets harder as participants move all the way to a home run question.

Questions asked for a single included,”On what day of the week did Jesus rise from the dead?”

A home run question consisted of, “Who was the only left-handed judge in the Bible?”

If a team member is at base and answers a question wrong, then another team member, that is on base, may try to answer the question. If answered correctly, the player may move according to the level of the question. If a team has three incorrect answers it results in three outs, so it is the next teams turn. Also, the game consists of the same format as a regular baseball game as far as innings.

“My husband, Johnny Simpson, became pastor of the church last July,” explained Jodi Simpson.”We try to come up with activities to get more and more involved with the church and to get families in church other than on Sundays.

“There was a really great turnout, with about the number of people that would come on a Sunday morning service,” exclaimed Simpson, also explaining that ages four and up all participated.

“Some of the people just came to cheer on their family members and really got into it,” she remarked.

Snacks, including hot dogs, chips and peanuts, were also available during the event.

The event consisted of learning the Bible and fellowship, yet it also had a deeper meaning.

“We try to portray that you can still have fun as a Christian,” explained Simpson,”and you can have fun in a way that is pleasing to God.”

In the end, just like the brave youth David defeated the giant, the Bethlehem Braves received victory against the Jerusalem Giants.

Rachel Horrell is a summer intern at the Bladen Journal and may be reached by calling 910-862-4163.

Rachel Horrell

Bladen Journal