Bladen County Schools Asst. Superintendent Head to retire

By: Rachel Horrell - Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — Bladen County Schools Asst. Superintendent Tanya Head is set to retire later this month, after eight years working for Bladen County Schools.

“My decision to retire was difficult,” explained Head, “I love Bladen County, because it is full of talented people and of people who do not mind working together.”

Head has been an educator for about 37 years. Prior to her position in Bladen County as assistant superintendent, her jobs in education included a classroom teacher, a literacy coach, an assistant principal and a principal.

“In the 37 years I have been teaching, I have loved every single day,” expressed Head. “I have never dreaded coming to work.”

Though she has never dreaded coming to work, in looking back over her career, she does wish at least one thing were different — that Bladen County Schools did not have the financial problems that they face.

“There are opportunities that we can provide for students without using money,” explained Head, “but there are some things costing money that we would like to provide, yet we don’t have the budget.”

Although money seems to be of great importance in the school systems, Head believes an accomplishment is something more meaningful than money.

“My greatest accomplishment would be knowing that I made a difference in not just children, but adults that lead and teach children,” explained Head.

Head believes being a leader and teaching others the right way to lead is very important as an educator. Therefore, Head plans to be a consultant that offers professional development to teachers.

“I like being a servant leader because I think using leadership to help people is what being a leader is all about,” opined Head. “Also, being a leader is not all about telling others what to do, but rolling up your sleeves and working like you’re a part of the team, because you are.”

Even after retirement, Head wishes to see Bladen County schools improve.

“I have confidence in the administrative team and all of the teachers,” declared Head, “and I believe Bladen County Schools will continue to get better.”

Head will be officially begin retirement August 1, 2018.

Rachell Horrell is a summer intern with the Bladen Journal and can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.

Rachel Horrell

Bladen Journal