Bladen County Division on Aging hosting Dementia Friends session

ELIZABETHTOWN — Join a growing movement of people who are helping fellow community members living with dementia. A little support can make a big difference in their lives.

What makes a Dementia Friend?

Interested people can become a Dementia Friend by attending a one-hour informational session to learn about this worldwide movement, about living with dementia, and about the simple things people can do to support someone living with the disease.

What Happens at the Information Session?

The one-hour session is a discussion led by a Dementia Friends Champion. It is not a training session. Guests learn what dementia is, what it’s like to live with the disease, and some tips for c ommunicating with people who have dementia. Everyone who attends is asked to turn their new understanding of dementia into a practical action that can help someone living in their community. The action can be as big or as small as participants choose — every action counts!

Remember … people don’t need to be a dementia expert to become a Dementia Friend, neither do participants need to know someone with dementia to become a Dementia Friend. After attending the session, participants decide about becoming a Dementia Friend.

Dementia Friends is a global movement that is changing the way people think, act, and talk about dementia. Developed by the Alzheimer’s Society in the United Kingdom, the Dementia Friends initiative is underway in North Carolina and across the United States. By helping everyone in a community understand what dementia is and how it affects families, groups can make a difference for people touched by dementia.

When & Where: Sept. 14, 2018 at 3 p.m.

Bladen County Division of Aging & Senior Center, 608 McLeod St. Elizabethtown, NC 28337

Champion: Kelly Robeson , MSN, RN, CNL®, Aging Director

Due to limited space, registration is required by calling 910-872-6330.