Florence: State confirms seven deaths

By: Bladen Journal

RALEIGH — The death toll in North Carolina from Florence stands at seven, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said in a statement late Saturday afternoon.

Florence made landfall Friday morning near Wrightsville Beach as a Category 1 hurricane. It left the state as a tropical storm, moving into South Carolina but dumping large amounts of rainfall on eastern and southeastern North carolina.

The deaths include:

• A 41-year-old woman and her seven-month-old son died in Wilmington on Friday when a tree fell on their home.

• A 68-year-old man in Lenoir County died when he was electrocuted while plugging in a generator Friday.

• A 77-year-old man in Lenoir County fell and died due to a cardiac event while outside checking on dogs during the storm on Thursday night.

• An 81-year-old man in Wayne County fell and struck his head while packing to evacuate Friday.

• A husband and wife died in a house fire in Cumberland County on Friday.

Two deaths in Carteret County that were previously determined to be storm related are now under further review by the medical examiner’s office.

Additional deaths that have occurred are in the process of being investigated and reported.

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