Phase II: Downtown revitalization to heat up Monday

Bladen Journal file photo The downtown business district of Elizabethtown is about to see Phase II of the Downtown Revitalization Project get started.

ELIZABETHTOWN — Folks will soon notice utility crews hard at work as Phase II of the Downtown Revitalization Project gets under way on Monday, June 22.

The affected area will be from Pine Street to Gillespie Street along West Broad Street and will consist of the burial of utility service lines and the installation of decorative lighting similar to that of the downtown commercial area, said Town Manager Eddie Madden.

He said the preliminary cost estimates place the project at about $850,000 which will be paid with a combination of USDA grants and loans.

Madden said on Monday folks may notice surveying crews in the area.

“Survey crews will be surveying in the project limits and they will need to go on private property to do so,” said Madden.

He added that town staff are trying to inform property owners about the surveying and why the surveyors are there. Madden said Elizabethtown Public Works Director Pat DeVane will be going door-to-door in the affected area talking with the property owners.

“At some later point in the process, we may need to approach property owners about easements for utilities to be placed,” said Madden.

He added that transformers will also need to be placed behind the sidewalks at uniform points along the project route as well.

“The surveying is the first part that needs to take place and no determination has been made yet on the transformers,” said Madden.

He added that as the surveyors work they will also be marking the existing right of way and determining what, if any, new right-of-way would need to obtained for the utilities.

Madden said the Phase II project will also be less disruptive in that residents will not see road closures and detours as much of the work will consist of boring underground to bury the cable lines. He added there will be no curb and gutter, no storm drain installation and no water and sewer rehab in the Phase II project.

Madden did say there may be some sidewalk relocation needed on the north side of the project.

Folks with questions or concerns about Phase II of the revitalization project are encouraged to contact Madden at 910-862-2066 or DeVane at 9190-862-2035.

Madden said once this phase of utility burial is completed, town staff and engineers will begin work on the engineering and design of Phase III of the revitalization which take place over the next couple of years on South Poplar Street between King Street and Dunham Street.

Erin Smith can be reached at 910-862-4163.