First Bank shows off renovations

Erin Smith|Bladen Journal Bladen County Commissioners David Edge and Arthur Bullock talk things over with Ron Taylor, owner of Lu Mil Vineyard. they were in attendance at the open house for First Bank on Thursday.

Erin Smith|Bladen Journal Trey Duncan and First Bank President Mike Davis talk about the new look for the bank’s lobby on Thursday during the bank’s open house. The open house was a way for staff to show off the many renovations that have been made recently to the bank’s interior.

ELIZABETHTOWN — The staff of First Bank in Elizabethtown opened its doors to the public a little wider Thursday, holding an open house and Business After Hours reception at the location at 232 W. Broad Street.

Mike Davis, president, said the reception was done to show off the newly remodeled interior of the bank.

“The building was 16 years old and it needed some renovations,” said Davis.

He said the renovations started out quite simply with the installation of some new carpet, which then lead to a fresh coat of paint and the addition of new artwork. The bank also changed the blinds that once covered the windows to window shades. Davis said the shades will allow staff to see out and also reduce the amount of heat or cold and sunlight that enter the building. Davis said the change from blinds to shades on the windows is expected to make the building more energy efficient.

Davis said the staff felt that, after all the renovations were completed, there was a need to show it off to the community. He said it took about three months to complete all of the renovations.

“We had a great turnout. I’m excited,” said Davis.

Davis said he was pleased with how the renovations on the building turned and most especially the artwork that was selected as it reflects the region with its aquatic scenes.

He added the bank’s hospitality doesn’t end with the reception.

“We bake cookies every Friday for our customers,” said Davis.

Davis and staff also gave visitors a tour of the newly renovated building.

Those in attendance were also treated to hors d’oeuvres and music provided by Ron Warren.

Paul Norris, a visitor to the bank said,” It looks great.”

Bladen County Commissioner Arthur Bullock said he was there to show his support for the bank.

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