Indiana mayor re-elected by 1 vote after ballot challenge

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The mayor of an Indiana town has been re-elected by one vote after an election panel threw out a ballot.

Jasper held a recount this week after the November election between Republican Mayor Terry Seitz and Democratic rival Wayne Schuetter ended in a tie.

On Friday, a local election panel determined one ballot cast for Schuetter was invalid.

City attorney Renee Kabrick said the absentee ballot was tossed out because it lacked a signature.

Seitz says the close race underscores the fact that every vote counts.

Indiana law required the recount to be completed by Dec. 20. If the results had remained tied, the City Council would have voted on whether Seitz or Schuetter would be mayor of the city of 15,000 people.

Schuetter couldn’t be reached for comment.