Annual downtown Elizabethtown Fourth of July Sidewalk Sale on tap

ELIZABETHTOWN — Shoppers are getting ready to go bargain hunting when the annual Fourth of July Sidewalk Sale kicks off on Thursday.

Tina Merritt-Smith of Fowler’s Jewelry said that folks will find all manner of goodies and shop in air-conditioned comfort.

“We will be inside the store where it is cool,” said Merritt-Smith of the store’s sidewalk sale plans.

She said while folks are in the store they can select that special gift for Christmas now and put it on layaway.

She added that, in addition to being able to layaway items for Christmas, shoppers will be treated to all sorts of jewelry deals. Merritt-Smith said that diamond earrings will be on sale for $15.99 each and everything in the store will be 50 to 75 percent off.

The Echo Drive watches will be marked down to 30 percent off and the store also carries a line of Nikki Lissoni jewelry.

Mike Suggs, owner of Fisher’s and The Ladies Shop, said his staff is busy preparing for the annual sale.

“Everything outside will be 50- to 90-percent off,” said Suggs.

He said on the sidewalk there will be swim trunks, T-shirts, shoes and flip-flops. Suggs said inside the store, all spring and summer merchandise will be reduced.

“We’ll have some really good deals,” said Suggs.

Ricky Leinwand, owner of Leinwand’s Department Store, said he plans to have items on the sidewalk beginning Wednesday and ending on Monday.

“It’s definitely the busiest week of the year for Leinwand’s, and I’m sure it is for the other merchants,” said Leinwand.

He added it is the store’s 80th year in business and everyone is looking forward to the sale.

Leinwand said one of the features of the sale will be the Nike brand shoes, which will be discounted.

He said on the sidewalk there will be shoes, suits, shirts, swimwear, and T-shirts. He said there will also be bargains inside the store as well.

“We are going to go all-out for this sale,” said Leinwand.

He said the annual Fourth of July Sidewalk Sale is an event that many local residents, as well as those whot come to White Lake, look forward to and anticipate. Leinwand said the event attracts folks from Columbus, Robeson and Sampson counties as well as local residents and tourists.

Erin Smith can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.