Chamber hopes program will expand outreach, networking

By: W. Curt Vincent -

ELIZABETHTOWN — In an effort to expand into new areas, the Elizabethtown-White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is forming an Ambassadors Program.

According to Lisa Clark, who is the chair of a committee that is creating the program, the upside going forward will be that the Chamber will have an area of additional outreach and new avenues for business networking throughout the area.

“We have reached out to other chambers in the region and talk with with them about the way theirs was structured,” Clark said. “We took the things we liked and compiled the program to fit the needs of the Chamber and community.”

The committee is hoping to seat at least 12 ambassadors for training, and get the program up and running this summer.

Clark said the group will be a working group in that it will be additional support for events and leadership through service. For someone that hasn’t been involved with a chamber prior, there will be training and opportunity to learn about the Chamber and what it provides in Elizabethtown/White Lake — as well as the county.

“We are very excited about this new program and what it will mean to the Chamber for years to come,” Clark said. “We think it will strengthen the ties to the businesses and overall strengthen the business community in our area. If businesses are doing well, then it trickles out to different opportunities. Certainly with a strong business climate that helps to recruit other businesses or tourism opportunities to the county.

“Dawn has done an awesome job with the Chamber and having these new folks on board will be a great asset. ,” she added. “There is so much talent and drive in this community that can be tapped through this program and it will make this an even stronger “Chamber.

Charlotte Smith, president of the Chamber, agreed.

“Our goals with the Chamber is to give our members more ways to network, promote their businesses, and grow our chamber,” she said. “Our new Ambassador Program offers all theses opportunities and more.”

The first meeting for this program is Thursday, March 17, at 6 p.m. at San Jose Restaurant. All the program information and the Ambassador Program application can be found online at

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W. Curt Vincent