Harmony Hall Plantation Village board moves forward

By: Erin Smith - erinsmith@civitasmedia.com

ELIZABETHTOWN — Harmony Hall Plantation Village Inc. met on Tuesday at the Bladen County Public Library and voted unanimously to accept the resolution to divide the Bladen County Historical Society and Harmony Hall Plantation Village.

The meeting was attended by 14 people, according to Field Marshall Bobby Lewis.

“The deed has been signed and turned over to Harmony Hall Plantation Village. Inc.,” Lewis added. “The separation of finances was completed on Tuesday.”

The resolution was officially approved last week at the Bladen County Historical Society meeting. The resolution held five key points. The first point is to legally separate the two entities; for each entity to have its own board and officers; to separate the funds with $5,000 held for the Bladen County Historical Society and the balance to go to Harmony Hall Plantation Village; Harmony Hall Plantation village will receive all the real property which is approximately 100 to 102 acres; and the name Harmony Hall will not be mentioned again in Historical Society meetings.

Lewis said the officers elected for Harmony Hall Plantation Village are: President Seth Lewis, Vice-President Harry LaRock, Treasurer Tony Parnell, Secretary Judy Elkins, and Battlefield Commander/Field Marshall Bobby Lewis.

In addition to approving the resolution to officially separate, Lewis said the group also dealt with plans for the upcoming Battle of Elizabethtown, which is planned for Sept. 26-27. Lewis said that, currently, the Harmony Hall Backwoods Militia along with several other re-enactment groups are preparing to make this event better last year.

“We voted to use cannons during the re-enactment again this year,” said Lewis. He added the cannons are a big crowd favorite.

Lewis said he is also anticipating having heavy participation from local Boy Scouts and the East Bladen High School History Club.

He added that Matthew Woods from the Moore’s Creek National Battlefield also attended the meeting.

Lewis said the next planning meeting for the Battle of Elizabethtown will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 4, at 7 p.m. in the Elizabethtown Municipal Building.

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Erin Smith