Car passenger swats cyclist on the backside while in motion

MINDARIE, Australia, (UPI) — A cyclist’s bike-mounted camera in Western Australia captured the moment a car passenger reached out from a window to swat the cyclist on the backside.

The bike-cam video, posted to Facebook by, shows a sunglasses-wearing man with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth reach out from the passenger seat of a car to smack the cyclist on the bottom.

“This is stupid, dangerous and has caused major crashes. This passenger should be re-educated,” the Facebook post said.

The group said the incident occurred on Anchorage Drive in Mindarie, Western Australia.

“We have no details yet. But we feel this is as close to a hit and run without injury, it is still a hit and run,” the post said.

Police said they do not yet have enough information on the incident to comment.