Bladenboro Eye Clinic joins Triangle Visions Optometry

LUMBERTON — Triangle Visions Optometry announced Tuesday the acquisition of Dr. Donald Helms Bladenboro Eye Clinic of Bladenboro. Due to the tragic flooding brought on by Hurricane Matthew, Dr. Donald Helms’ practice will be rolling into the existing Triangle Visions Lumberton location on Oakridge Blvd, and Dr. Helms will be seeing patients at this location.

In addition, Triangle Visions Optometry is a member of Vision Source, North America’s largest network of independent optometrists. “Being a member of Vision Source allows us to offer several of the most sought-after vision care brands and to provide you with the most advanced vision care available” states Dr. Tony Clark, Chief Medical Officer for Triangle Visions Optometry. Vision Source doctors are on the leading edge of eye health care technology. Due to the size of the Vision Source network and the prestige of its members, manufacturers often look to Vision Source doctors first to introduce new instruments and diagnostic equipment. This is certainly the case with Triangle Visions Optometry.

The merger of Bladenboro Eye Clinic comes at a great time for patients wanting to start the year off with an eye exam, or maybe a new pair of glasses for a brand-new look. Dr. Clark encourages patients to “consider your eye health when spending flex spend dollars. After all, the eyes are your window to the world. Keep them healthy.” To find out more about what Triangle Visions Optometry has to offer, please go to their website at