Healthworks getting influx of upgrades

By: W. Curt Vincent -

ELIZABETHTOWN — With the new year just around the corner, Healthworks Fitness & Wellness on West Broad Street is taking on an upgraded line of equipment, and more will be coming.

On Friday, Dec. 18, the first phase of new equipment arrived and was installed.

“We’re pretty excited about what’s happening here,” said Ashley Trivette, who has owned the fitness center since Aug. 1. “Our current members are seeing a whole new line of machines and new members should be impressed with what they will see here.”

The first phase included 14 new pieces of workout equipment from the Life Fitness Hammer Strength Select group — including machines to target all muscle groups, Power Mills, treadmills and an all-new rear deltoid and fly machine.

“Some of these things we’ve never had here before,” Trivette said.

The second phase will focus on the free-weights section, including new mats for the cross-training classes. But Trivette doesn’t know exactly when that second phase will arrive.

What she does know is that, in January, Healthworks will initiate a class designed for teachers that will introduce them to ways they can start to work out. Also, the fitness center will begin an all-new Aqua-Zoomba class — something that isn’t even offered at any of the larger fitness centers in the region.

There will also be new televisions and sound system installed next month.

“I’ve always been passionate about working out and understood what good equipment can do to help people in training,” said Trivette, who has previously been a member and personal trainer at the fitness center. “This all feels like I am starting fresh with a new career and I’m so excited — 2016 will be an amazing year here.”

Although the new equipment is here in time for the new year, Trivette said she’s not looking to just capture those who make New Year’s resolutions to start working out.

“Of course, I do want to welcome those making resolutions to get in shape,” she said, “but I really want to be able to keep them for a lifetime resolution.

“Yesterday or today is a good day to start,” she added. “Tomorrow tends to never get here.”

For rates, classes offered and hours of operation, call Healthworks at 910-862-6533. Or stop in for a tour of the facility, located at 1001 W. Broad St. in Elizabethtown.

W. Curt Vincent can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.

W. Curt Vincent