Ohio man arrested on drug charges

By: Staff report

WHITE LAKE — White Lake police have charged Shawn David Myers 33, of Tiltonsville, Ohio, with possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

White Lake police officers responded to a medical call at Brisson’s Cottages on Tuesday Jan. 3. While officers were assisting EMS workers they smelled the odor of marijuana in the area, but were not able to determine the location of the marijuana at that time.

After receiving multiple complaints from concerned citizens over the next day about the offender approaching them asking if they wanted to smoke marijuana with him and the offender entering local business with a strong odor of marijuana emitting from his person. White Lake police with assistance of the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office went to Brission’s Cottages on White Lake Drive on the morning of Jan. 5.

Officers went to the motel room the offender was staying and again smelled the odor of marijuana. Officers knocked on the door and when opened by Myers the odor became stronger. Myers was told by officers they were there because of the odor of marijuana coming from his room and asked if there was any marijuana in his room. Myers told the officers there was marijuana in his room along with marijuana paraphernalia.

Myers gave consent to search his room where 18 grams of “medical grade” marijuana was found along with serval items of paraphernalia. Myers was cited and released.

“As a law enforcement officer it is a good feeling to know you work in a community where the citizens and law enforcement have a bond like they do in White Lake,” said Lt. Mike Salmon. “Our citizens are always on the lookout for suspicious activity are not going to let their quality of life be compromised.”

Staff report