N.C. husband shot 7 times at front door

FAYETTEVILLE — The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the assistance of the public in helping to identify the suspect who shot a man seven times at his front door last month.

The incident occurred around 3 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22, at Archie Carl Kitchen’s residence at 6159 Bethany Drive in Stedman.

The assailant approached and knocked on the front door of the Kitchen’s residence. When Kitchen answered the door, the attacker asked for directions to Fayetteville.

After receiving directions to Fayetteville from Kitchen, the suspect pulled out a firearm and fired shots through the front door of the home.

Kitchen was struck several times by the gunfire and required medical treatment at Cape Fear Valley Health Center.

Now, Kitchen and his wife are trying to figure out where did they go wrong, what would cause someone whom they call a stranger to show up at their home and minutes later start shooting

Kitchen says the stranger said he was from Lee County and needed directions to Fayetteville.

“He asked me to repeat that, I repeated it then he started acting kinda squirly so I slammed the door and locked it,” Kitchen said.

Kitchen’s wife Laura Pendergraft says the incident was very random. She says they pretty much stay to themselves.

“It scared me because the guy beat on the door it reminded me of like when the police come to your house, you know,” Pendergraft said.

Kitchen says after he closed the door, the gunman fired several bullets into his home — Kitchen was shot seven times and spent nearly 20 days in the hospital..

“I have two bullets to the abdomen, one which got my intestines, and one that collapsed my lung and I have a through and through on my side which clipped an artery,” Kitchen said.

Kitchen is a tattoo artist and prior to the shooting he said life was going well, in fact he was working on opening his own tattoo parlor — but now everything has shifted.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s deputies don’t believe this was a random act. They are still looking to gather more details from Kitchen.

Meanwhile, Kitchen takes one key lesson away from this experience.

“Don’t answer my door for no one unless I know that their coming,” he now says.

Kitchen has several months of therapy ahead, meets with doctors regularly, more frustrating for the family with no medical insurance and $20,000 in bills.

If you have any information regarding this suspect please contact the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office at 910-323-1500 or Crimestoppers (910) 483-8477.