Two men steal recycling bin from newspaper

ELIZABETHTOWN — A pair of thieves targeted the Bladen Journal on Tuesday morning and wheeled away the large green recycling bin from behind the newspaper office’s building on West Broad Street.

The recycling bin, similar to the one pictured, was about half full of old newspapers.

The incident took place at about 10:36 a.m. and was captured by a security camera at the back door or Hibachi Chinese. Elizabethtown Police investigators are looking into the case.

“The footage is very clear, easily showing the two men who came and stole the recycling bin,” said W. Curt Vincent, general manager/editor of the Bladen Journal. “I can’t imagine what they would want with that item, but between the fact it’s not that easy of an item to hide and the identity of the two men so clear on the camera, I don’t think it’ll be too long before they are apprehended.”

Vincent said the value of the recycling bin was about $450 when it was new about 10 to 12 years ago.

The camera showed the two men wheel the bin around two vehicles and then through parking lot before disappearing out of camera range.

Numerous individuals knew about and used the recycling bin behind the Bladen Journal office when old newspapers were needed for moving, animals or other needs.

Anyone with information about the two men or recycling bin can call the Bladen Journal at 910-862-4163 or the Elizabethtown Police Department at 910-862-3125.