BCC offering assistance to students seeking financial aid

DUBLIN — Bladen Community College will assist students and families in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid during the month of March.

According to Director of Financial Aid Samantha Benson, “the FAFSA is a program which automatically qualifies students for a variety of federal and state grants, as well as work study programs. Assistance provided with a work-study program allows students to be employed on campus to help with the expenses.”

Billions of dollars in financial aid are available to help college-bound students who are in financial need. But to be considered, you must apply.

“The FAFSA application process can be overwhelming,” remarked Benson. “Families need to have their household financial documentation on hand.”

The 2015 tax return or W-2 forms are generally sufficient to complete the FAFSA application.

The Financial Aid Office will work individually with students and their parents in the online process of applying.

“It’s tedious, but any funding a student receives through the FAFSA does not have to be repaid,” Benson said. “That is a great incentive to complete the process.”

Assistance is offered to any student, regardless of where they will be attending college.

More information is available at the www.CFNC.org website, which features other scholarships, grants, plus extensive information about the cost of college.

To arrange time with a financial counselor at BCC, contact the Financial Aid Office at 910-879-5500.