Bladen Community College receives Cannon Foundation Grant Award

By: Cathy Kinlaw - Bladen Community College

DUBLIN — Bladen Community College has been awarded $140,000 from The Cannon Foundation to purchase advanced welding equipment.

According to Dean of Engineering and Business Programs Edward Dent: “With a new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) building on the horizon, this grant will allow our welding program to increase the variety and quality of certificates, diplomas, and associate degree programs offered at BCC for workforce development.”

Assisting community colleges in Tier 1 counties in North Carolina is one area of focus for The Cannon Foundation giving, as they seek to improve lives and institutions in meaningful ways.

Today’s job market requires high standards of mathematics, sciences, and machining. The grant is a significant contribution to graduates who will be technologically prepared for the workforce.

“The STEM building will be the community’s center for workforce preparedness,” Dent said. “We will expand the pool of eligible job applicants with STEM and advanced manufacturing technology skills that are demanded by local, regional, and state business and industries.”

“The project supports BCC’s dedication to the educational and cultural enrichment of the people of Bladen County and the communities it serves, remarked BCC President William Findt. “The college is committed to quality teaching, high-order learning, opportunities for enrichment, and a safe, sustainable learning environment.”

For information about educational opportunities at Bladen Community College, call 910-879-5500.

Cathy Kinlaw is the public informatoin and marketing director for Bladen Community College.

Cathy Kinlaw

Bladen Community College