Work Ready Community status can impact Bladen County

By: Cathy Kinlaw - Bladen Community College

DUBLIN — In 2011, NCWorks launched the Work Ready Community Initiative, a program to track the certification of local skilled workers and their workforce readiness in North Carolina’s 100 counties. In collaboration with community colleges, participants are evaluated on applied math, workplace documents, and graphic literacy.

When students receive National Career Readiness Certification, they improve their employability. The certification is recognized across the country as the standard for workforce skills. When employers require NCRC certified employees, the quality of workers escalates which strengthens our industries and builds our economic structure.

Bladen County is now poised to benefit from the Work Ready Community Initiative, which supports economic development by providing a workforce with documented foundational skills. Other benefits include competitive cost models through lower employee turnover, decreased training time and costs, and related efficiencies that enhance North Carolina’s global competitiveness.

The key to a successful Work Ready Community is participation from the largest employers in the county. When local businesses recognize the credentialing offered by the initiative and recommend or require the credentialing for their employee base, the value of the initiative it greatly enhanced.

New industries who may be considering Bladen County as a potential location can use the Work Ready status as an indicator of the workforce skill set in the area. Certification tells potential employers that the county is committed to providing highly skilled and motivated workers.

Local businesses can help Bladen County become a Certified Work Ready Community by listing their business as one who recognizes or recommends individuals for employment who have obtained the National Career Readiness Certificate.

It only takes a few seconds to indicate your company’s support of the community’s certification effort by signing up at

For additional information regarding Work Ready Communities, or to learn how to obtain a National Career Readiness Certificate, contact Sondra Guyton at Bladen Community College at 910-879-5634 or

Cathy Kinlaw is the public information and marketing officer for Bladen Community College.

Cathy Kinlaw

Bladen Community College