McLaughlin to be inducted into the Lambda Sigma National Honor Society

PEMBROKE — Christopher McLaughlin, 24, a Dublin resident and honor student at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, will be inducted into the Lambda Sigma National Honor Society on Saturday.

McLaughlin has been named on the university’s honor list and his induction into Lambda Sigma comes with the recognition of being in the top 25 percent of his class.

The Honor Society was established on the UNCP campus in 2009.

The Lambda Sigma Honor Society is a national honor society for second-year men and women dedicated to the purpose of fostering leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service among college students, and to promoting the interests of the college or university in every possible way. Membership in Lambda Sigma is not only recognition for accomplishment, but also a challenge to serve throughout ones college career and as an alumnus.

McLaughlin is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in biochemistry with a pre-medical emphasis. He intends on pursuing medical school after his graduation from UNCP and will later aim his sights on a career in genetics and biochemical research.