BCC remains student focused

DUBLIN – Jeremy Lynn Davis, the valedictorian of West Bladen High School’s Class of 2015, excels. Growing up on a farm in Hickory Grove, Davis has a great respect for the land and its bounty. He is entering North Carolina State University in the fall to study agriculture technology, but not before he completes chemistry 151 and 152 summer classes at Bladen Community College.

“I must have the chemistry class for my curriculum at State,” said Davis. “In larger universities, classes can have two hundred students assembled in a lecture hall. Taking the class during the summer will reduce the stress of my fall semester.”

The class will transfer to the university with full credit. As a hybrid class, a portion of the class is taught through online lectures, while correlating hands-on laboratory experiments are taught through the BCC science department. With hybrid classes, students receive the same learning opportunity but with increased personal attention.

Having a professor that can respond to your questions, one-on-one, is important to me,” says Davis. “So far, the class is really good.”

“BCC is very attractive to students because of the many options we have,” remarks BCC guidance counselor Crystal Dowd. “In the summer months we see repeat students who are enrolled at other major universities who want to take a class or two that will transfer to their college. In recent years, we have had more students coming from other counties because of our online class options.”

Davis plans to consider taking other transferable classes.

“I know I will help on the farm next summer,” says Davis, “but I will definitely consider taking another BCC class or two. Everyone at the college is so helpful and they want you to succeed.”

Davis is motivated. He has won accolades in public speaking platforms and recently returned from a state FFA competition where he won first place in Land Judging. He has been the recipient of numerous scholarships. His inspiration to finish strong is his maternal grandfather, who suffers with Guillain-Barre syndrome.

“He struggles to walk. I help him a lot,” remarks Davis.

The guidance counselors at Bladen Community College strive to provide individualized and pertinent guidance to every student. For Davis, taking this one class will create a scenario for continuing success at a larger institution.

John Thomas Rains, a 2015 Bladen Community College associate in arts degree graduate, agrees: “BCC has been a great experience for me.”

After his high school graduation, Rains, a musician and highly-applauded football place-kicker, was uncertain about becoming a full-time student at a large university. He credits his father, Tommy Rains, as his inspiration to begin classes at BCC.

“My father has always inspired me not to give up.” With encouragement from his father, Rains began the college transfer program at Bladen Community College in 2013.

All of his credit hours will transfer to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in the fall, where Rains will pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

“Our classes are small and the instructors are very helpful,” states Counselor Dowd. “We provide personal guidance because we want our students to succeed. We are here to help students reach their goals along their journey in life.”

Rains has experienced this philosophy in a personal way. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at BCC,” he states.

For more information about enrollment at Bladen Community College, contact a guidance counselor at 910-879-5500.

Cathy Kinlaw is the director of public information for Bladen Community College.