Baldwin Branch begins prison ministry

ELIZABETHTOWN — Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church introduces to the general public its prison ministry, “Christ in Every Cell.”

Individuals are incarcerated way in advance of ever arriving in prison. A card and an envelope are all that’s needed to achieve one of the neediest mission in America. Not every Christian can visit prison in person, of course. That’s not the only way to minister to a lonely man or woman behind bars. It’s possible to visit a prison in an envelope through a caring ministry of correspondence.

Millions of men and woman are locked away in America’s prisons and jails. Most of them are desperate for contact with the outside world. Many have been abandoned by friends and even family members. They desire for an expression of human concern. That’s where Baldwin Branch intervenes.

Correspondences from the Missionary Ministry will be mailed. Please send names and addresses of those incarcerated in your community to Minister D’Vora Shaw, c/o Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church, P.O. Box 1642, Elizabethtown, N.C. 28337.