Church celebrates 35 years

ELIZABETHTOWN — Saint Christopher’s Episcopal Church, located at 2602 W. Broad St. in Elizabethtown, recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of the arrival of the congregation’s historic worship building.

Prior to the beautiful structure being moved here in late October 1982, it had served for many years as the worship home in Duplin County of Saint Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Faison.

Four years prior, in 1978, St. Christopher’s began in Elizabethtown as a mission congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina and was sponsored by Grace Episcopal Church of Whiteville. While in mission-church status, the small but growing congregation met from 1978 to 1982 in various locations in town, including a rental home on Pine Street owned by the parents of one of the parishioners, and even, for a while, on Sunday afternoons in the local Our Lady of the Snows Roman Catholic Church building and parish hall.

The photo shows some of the current congregation members who recently gathered to celebrate the anniversary event. Anne O’Brient and Betty Butler Cole, who have been part of the St. Christopher’s church family since its inception, were present for the celebration and shared remembrances of the anticipation and joy of the arrival in 1982 of the church’s worship center.

The Rev. Gerry Blackburn currently serves the congregation as its priest/pastor.