Baldwin Branch demonstrates love

ELIZABETHTOWN — The Wreath Construction Ministry of Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church recently demonstrated love toward Katrina Boykin, Baldwin Branch’s first lady, by presenting her a wreath constructed by the members of the ministry. Additionally the following poem written by Debra McKoy, ministry president, was recited during the recognition.


Lady Boykin


A Lady of beauty.

A Lady of style.

A Lady of Compassion.

A Lady of Great Faith.

A Lady that lights up any room that she walks into with her smile.

A Lady that has stride in her walk.

A Lady that works diligently on whatever her hands find to do.

A Lady of Praise.

She is the Lady of one husband, Rev. Dr. Louie Boykin.

She is the Lady of one daughter, Whitney Boykin.

She is the “Great First Lady of Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church, Mrs. Katrina Boykin.”