Feeling out-of-whack

Ever feel out-of-whack? Like things in your life are not working right? Here’s this week’s story …

For many years my Mother has had problems with her left knee. A little more than five years ago she underwent total knee replacement surgery and her left knee joint was replaced with an artificial joint. Mother had hoped for good results. Instead, she received two fractures during the surgery.

Since surgery Mother has “lived with” pain and an out-of-whack knee. She’s lived with her knee condition for so long that’s she’s built up a tolerance for the pain. That is until a couple of months ago when her left knee pain reached the “unbearable” level. It was only then that Mother agreed to return to the surgeon who’d performed her surgery.

So, I made mother an appointment with the surgeon and took her in for her appointment. Things were going okay until the surgeon asked Mother, “Who performed your knee surgery?” Mother replied, “You did!” She then gave me one of her stares and I knew right then that she’d never allow that surgeon to ever touch her knee again. (What made the situation even more absurd is that the surgeon had Mother’s medical record/history in his hands when he asked her, “Who performed your knee surgery?”)

A few weeks ago, I took mother to see another orthopedic surgeon and already the difference between the two surgeons is like night and day. Grant it, at this point the difference is based solely on their compassion and taking the time to listen … to “really listen” to Mother … and yes, to me too.

Earlier this week Mother returned to the “compassionate” orthopedic surgeon (who by the way was highly recommended to us). Based on x-rays and physical assessment findings the surgeon’s conclusion is … Mother needs a “revision total knee replacement”. For various reasons, including wear and loosening, the artificial metal joint is no longer in alignment. The misalignment of the “metal hardware” is what’s causing Mother to have pain and a lack of stability … her left knee “gives in” whenever she stands or walks.

Unless things change, mother will have the revision total knee replacement surgery this upcoming January. During the surgery all of the metal hardware in mother’s left leg and knee will be removed and replaced with specialized implants that have longer and thicker stems. The longer and thicker stems will fit deeper inside Mother’s bones … giving her extra support. Though this type of surgery is much more complex and the recovery period is longer (up to a year), Mother is excited to know that she may soon be more mobile and free of knee pain.

If your life is out-of-whack in some way … do something about it. Don’t just sit around for years and do nothing! Take control of your situation. Be persistent. More importantly, ask God for guidance and help. Then do as He leads you. Do it, even if you’re afraid.

Debra Joy Wallace is a Christian columnist and speaker. Facebook page: Weight Loss Empowerment with Debra Joy – Website: www.debrawallace.com – Contact: Email: debra@debrawallace.com