Summer Sounds Concert Series applauded

There is little doubt that the concerts being put on by the Elizabethtown-White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce are some of the best of the summer in the region.

Three of the four planned concerts have been held, including one on a day that nearly washed out the event because of storms, and there is no reason to think the remaining concert will be any less successful.

From all whom I have spoken with, nobody would have dreamed the number of people the concerts have attracted. Conservative numbers have shown that more than 500 people have attended each of the concerts, packing into the Cape Fear Farmer’s Market area — and two of the concerts have approached or exceeded the 700 mark.

Much of the reason for the success is three-fold: first, the quality of music featuring beach and oldies has been nothing short of first class; second, the Chamber has obviously received tremendous community support through sponsorships that allow the events to be first-class; and third, there is no slighting the affect hundreds of people have had on each of the three concerts. Everyone attending, from young and old, have been friendly and enjoyable to be around.

We will surely be at the final concert of the Summer Sounds Concert Series in Elizabethtown. Well done, Bladen County.

Jim and Marsha Blainey