Pitts’ prose reaching new lows

Imagine having the guts, the audacity and the Rocky Mountain oysters to call former Gov. Mike Huckabee a moral coward. But that’s exactly what syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts did on Sunday in his column carried by The Fayetteville Observer.

Pitts was referring to Huckabee’s appearance on CNN recently when the Republican presidential candidate said, “When I hear people scream ‘Black lives matter,” I’m thinking, of course they do. But all lives matter. It’s not that any life matters more than another.”

Pitts proceeded to compare what Huckabee said with a physician wanting to check all of your bones, even though you only came into the hospital with a broken wrist, saying that “hey, all bones matter.”


Let’s put this into context. Pitts is a liberal. In fact, he’s a Far Left Liberal who will defend any and all policies that encourage minority handouts, illegal aliens to stream across the borders and keeps folks safely in their trailers rather than at a job because, well, apparently that’s what Far Left Liberals do to earn their membership cards.

What Pitts and his fellow FLL members won’t do is give us a balanced view of the issues facing this country.

For instance, the “Black lives matter” slogan was started in response to a handful of police shootings that killed black criminals, most of whom were unarmed — such as the incident in Ferguson, Mo., that sparked numerous marches and riots.

Here’s what Pitts and his ilk don’t want to address: For every killing of a black individual by a white police officer, there are also incidents of a black officer killing an unarmed white suspect — such as the one in Utah outside a 7-11 store — as well as black police officers killing a black suspect. Add to the list the numerous killings of blacks by blacks, and you start to see why the liberals would rather ignore all that.

Pitts’ point was that “Black lives matter” is relevant because blacks getting killed by whites is currently the bigger problem in the this country. Except it’s not. Despite what the FLL wants you to believe, until blacks start rising up and addressing the problem of their own killing their own, then chanting “Black lives matter” only when a white shooter is involved rings hollow.

Even over in Bladenboro, when the state’s NAACP came to town to march in memory of Lennon Lacy — who was found hanging from a swing set one year ago tomorrow — and chanted “Black lives matter,” there was no indication whatsoever that Lacy was for sure murdered OR that, if he was, it was done by a white individual. However, the Rev. William Barber wasted little time in strongly suggesting the death was race-related — all in hopes of creating a Ferguson incident here and elevating his own stature, even if the facts didn’t support it.

And where has Barber and the NAACP been since that Dec. 13, 2014, march in Bladenboro? Quiet and invisible.

But back to Pitts.

The Miami Herald columnist also took exception with Huckabee’s reference to the late Martin Luther King Jr. when he said the civil rights leader would “be appalled by the notion that we’re elevating some lives above others.”

Pitts wrote: “… I cringe at his name being invoked by yet another conservative who has apparently never heard or read anything King said with the possible exception of the last few minutes of the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.”

I suppose that shot at conservatives earns him extra points from the FLL mainstream.

What I cringe at is whenever color is invoked by anyone as a means of description or separation. In a nutshell, it is racism at the roots and completely unnecessary, which is why Huckabee is exactly right. All lives DO matter. As a nation, we should be just as concerned with blacks being killed as any other race getting gunned down for whatever reason. None of this is a black problem or a white problem or an Asian problem or an Hispanic problem, it’s a national problem.

But FLL mouthpieces like Pitts have to justify their existence by labeling things by race. I’m sure Pitts would rail against the use of Washington Redskins or Atlanta Braves, yet defend the use of such names as the United Negro College Fund, Black Coaches Association, Miss Black America Pageant, National Black Business Council, etc. Try starting an organization named United Caucasian College Fund, White Coaches Association, Miss White America Pageant or National White Business Council and watch the heads of FLL spokespersons explode.

The New York Yankees must drive Pitts crazy, since FLL minnions could say it conjures up Civil War images. Sheesh.

The quicker this country can get used to hearing headlines like “Man shot by police” instead of “Black man shot by white policeman,” the better. A life is a life is a life is a life, though, is just a pipe dream as long as there are FLL dolts like Pitts who want to continue stirring racism up.

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