Is this really fake news?

Are you hearing the rhetoric that our nation’s news media is anti-American, dishonest, and reporting “fake news?” Are you hearing insults that some of our most esteemed journalist, as well as politicians who have served our nation for decades “hate America?” Have you heard the accusation that Americans who dare question apparent corruption want to “destroy America?”

I just watched a documentary concerning “Watergate.” Did any level of law enforcement, or investigative journalism expose the Watergate burglary and cover-up? Were Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein unfair to an innocent president? Was the news they uncovered “fake?”

Many years ago I was accused of criminal activity. I was not arrested and prosecuted, but dismissed quietly to save me any community embarrassment. I immediately reported my non-crime to local authorities and asked for an investigation. I was cleared of any wrong-doing and my accuser was proven to be the culprit.

If our current president is innocent of any wrong-doing, why doesn’t he welcome an investigation to clear his name? Why is reporting obvious contradictions considered “fake news?” Above all, why can’t all Americans see that those who criticize and insult our free press, which is the mainstay of our nation’s longevity, are those who have something to hide?

Think about it, please.

Robert C. Currie Jr.