Returning keyless from Vegas

What’s the first thing you do when you suddenly realize you’ve lot your wallet or pocketbook or keys?


If that’s the case, there is one of your neighbors that is probably in full panic mode right now.

Not long ago, a Bladen County resident got on a Greyhound bus out in Las Vegas for a return trip home after some time in Sin City — probably enjoying the slots, shows and 115-degree temperatures with no humidity.

The problem is, their keys didn’t come home with them — at least, not in their possession.

But they ARE in Bladen County.

On Friday, a nice man by the name of Ted came to the Bladen Journal office with his wife and said a set of keys had been found on the Greyhound bus in Amarillo, Texas. Those keys were brought back to Bladen County because there is a Bladen County Public Library card attached to them — but the account had been deactivated, and there is no name on the card.

Along with the library card, it appears there are a few keys, a Rottweiler key ring, a blue bottle-opener and, among other trinkets, what look to be a couple of ring bands.

Ted is hoping the owner of these keys will call him — 910-494-2896 — so that he can get the item to its rightful owner soon.

Visitors to Las Vegas often lose their shirts, but they shouldn’t also lose their keys. Let’s see if we can get these back to the local traveler. If you know someone who has recently been to Las Vegas by bus and came home without their keys, let them know about Ted and his phone number.

W. Curt Vincent can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.