‘Teen Vogue’sinks to anabysmal low

Warning to parents: This editorial contains graphic topics and discretion should be used in making this available to younger children.

Society is such today that almost anything goes, and a large part of that is because the last generation or two of parents have fallen into the “children having children” and “single-parent” categories.

It’s hard enough trying to stop that kind of cycle as teenagers become adults, but when magazines like “Teen Vogue” blast their target audiences of 11- to 17-year-olds with stories about such things as a guide to anal sex for kids and, most recently, telling teenagers to add such items as condoms, sex toys and lube to their back-to-school list … well, it makes morality, common sense and logic impossible.

In the magazine’s “Best of Back to School for 2017,” the editors promote the suggestion that students add a “personal massager” to their list — claiming in one sentence that “personal massagers are one of the best ways to let off steam with zero risk of STIs” and, in another sentence, “this clitoral vibrator is so good there’s a waiting list for it.”

You really want your 15-year-old child or grandchild to read that nonsense?

In promoting the need for students to include lubricants in their lists, the magazine says it is “great for use with or without condoms.”

And, of course, since the magazine is literally encouraging teenagers — remember, the target audience is 11- to 17-year-olds — to arms themselves with condoms, they are also encouraging sex.

“Teen Vogue” is trash, plain and simple. The magazine’s writers and editors have the same kind of flawed thinking as parents who say they know their children are going to drink, so they might as well allow them to do it at home where they can watch them.

What this magazine, in essence, is telling adults is, “we know your children will be having sex, probably even at school, so we are giving them the tools they need.” Oh, and by the way, why don’t the parents who allow their children to read “Teen Vogue” just let their children have their bedroom to experiment with those tools so they can supervise it?

Lord have mercy.

Normal, logical-thinking adults wouldn’t think this kind of twisted information could be disseminated in a popular magazine, but it is. Thousands and thousands of subscriptions to this filthy publication are sent to homes world wide — straight into the hands of young teens.

And in many cases, we have a feeling most parents or guardians in the home have no idea their child’s head is being filled with ideas about anal sex and taking sex toys, condoms and lube to school — even though a majority of the magazines are being purchased by adults for their children.

It’s time we stopped brushing off this kind of thing as “the direction things are going and can’t be stopped.” It’s gone and is going that way because we all have allowed it.

We urge parents to ban “Teen Vogue” from their homes and to have more involvement with their child’s teenage activities. We’d even like to see outlets that sell the magazine to take it off their racks. This kind of “journalism” is kin to the tobacco industry’s former advertising that zeroed in on younger smokers. It was made illegal and so should be the kind of garbage “Teen Vogue” is publishing for our youth to read.

To learn more, Google “The Activist Mommy” and get on the bandwagon to protect our youth from such trash.



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