Davis’ decision deserves defense

Kim Davis is, perhaps, the newest example of a modern-day Christian martyr standing up for God’s word. Most Christians, I think, would have a hard time doing what she has done and probably place her into the “hero” column, while others who care less about what the Bible teaches humanity have put her into the “homophobic” category.

Only one title, of course, is accurate.

Surely none of you needs a recap about Davis’ recently exploits. But in case someone does, she is the Rowan County, Ky., clerk who recently refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of her religious beliefs. She was ordered by a federal judge to issue the licenses but, still she refused — and was jailed for contempt.

The religious right, including GPO presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, supported Davis, who was defended by attorneys from the Liberty Council.

Despite being chastised by those in the gay community and the real possibility of being terminated from her position, Davis never wavered from her support of “God’s authority.”

Kentucky is one of numerous states whose voting public chose to define marriage as only between one man and one woman, just as North Carolina did. But with a sweeping hand, the liberal White House pushed for and U.S. Supreme Court narrowly waved off the will of the people and ruled in June to legalize same-sex marriage across the nation.

Those who have attacked Davis’ decision not to issue marriage licenses to gay couples — once again showing they expect tolerance and understanding from others while showing none of their own — have taken cheap shots about Davis’ marriage, her past and her religious beliefs.

Some have even said Davis is breaking the law by ignoring a federal judge’s order — but that’s not the case.

Davis ignored a court order. She also refused to carry out her oath to perform the duties of county clerk. But she broke no law. There is no law that says marriage licenses of any kind must be issued. That’s why Davis was jailed for contempt and not for breaking any laws.

The Bible, of course, is full of those who have been persecuted for their religious beliefs — including John the Baptist, who was jailed and beheaded because of his beliefs and baptizing those who came to him; Peter and John, who were jailed for spreading God’s word; and even Jesus was turned against by the Jews for healing on the Sabbath and eventually crucified by the Romans for claiming to be the son of God.

History, as well, has been filled with incidents of Christians who want to spread the word of God and live a Christian life. such as the western trek of the Mormons and the jailing in Iran of Christian pastor Saeed Abedini.

So Davis’ defiance of a federal judge’s court order falls right in as the latest incident of Christian conscience not wavering.

On Tuesday, Davis was released from jail. It appears that she will continue to refuse issuing marriage licenses to gay couples — but instead will turn those requests over to her deputies. A nice compromise.

Davis has certainly made her point, and those in similar situations — whether they are county clerks, pastors, justices of the peace, etc. — should take note of Davis’ convictions and courage, perhaps taking the same path now themselves.

You know, it’s a sad and warped world when we are told it’s courageous of people like Bruce Jenner to ruin his God-given body and turn him into a pseudo her; or Israel Gutierrez of the Miami Herald and The Sports Reporters to “come out” as a homosexual; and Michael Sam announcing his gayness prior to the NFL draft.

I happen to think it’s far more heroic and courageous to stand up for Christian beliefs in defense of God’s word. Far too few folks are doing that these days.

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